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At Out Run Your Fork We Make Fitness Fun! We guarantee you'll LOVE what you see. From our family friendly atmosphere to our smart, personalized programs you'll never find a better experience anywhere. Give us a try by requesting your FREE consultation today.

Lori "I decided to give Tony a try and I’m so glad I did."
"I’ve worked out on my own off and on for many years but was faced with constant neck pain and not seeing great results for my efforts... I can work out without pain."

Jason "Tony's the best!"
My clothes fit better and I feel better! He's smart, knowledgable, funny and personable. Give him a call today!"

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We aspire to fulfill our purpose of ”we make fitness fun” by providing choice, flexibility and quality through our flexible one to one personal training, small group classes and nutrition programming. Staying true to our purpose has resulted in hundreds of clients who enjoy weight loss, getting stronger, diet plans, recovery from injury, rehabilitation and more at Out Run Your Fork Personal Training and Nutrition in New York, New Jersey, and internationally Around The World! Our clients enjoy exciting experiences, including diet plans, exercise and workout programs for rehab, shoulder and rotator cuff injury and recovery, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, recovery from surgery, bodybuilding competitions, physique competitions, bikini competitions, weight loss, build muscle, online personal training, workout videos, and more.