Keeping You Safe While Working With A Personal Trainer

For Your Safety And Ours
Brand New Facility with Brand New Equipment: You're getting an immediate upgrade and everything is BRAND NEW! No cracks or chips for a virus to hide. Large open windows to bring a constant flow of fresh air. New floors. New paint. No multi-use equipment. Lots of space with a limited number of clients... and more!

Cleaning and Environmental Protocols
Cleaning protocols. Sanitizing stations. Checklists for our staff to follow and for you to see what and how often we clean and sanitize. Additional time between sessions for cleaning. Clients' responsibilities... and more (again)!

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Safety and Security: Our Responsibility, Your Peace Of Mind

New York, New Jersey Personal Training

Our Cleaning and Safety Protocols To Ensure Your Piece of Mind
Cleaning and sanitizing will be done in between each client. Deep cleans will be done by staff each night along with deep cleaning from a private company each week. Staff will be screened for health as are members. Visible checklists are posted throughout the facility to ensure our staff is properly following protocols. Clients are informed of how they can ensure their safety and the safety of our staff.

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New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Social Distancing Protocols While Working With Your Personal Trainer
We’ve instituted strict rules on personal space, timing, number of clients in the facility and staggering our schedule. We've divided the facility into three areas: workouts, private offices and massage room.

Each client will have their own dedicated space during workouts which will be your own private area for the entire session. Staff has personal space via an 8 foot walkway called Personal Trainer Alley. Whenever possible we will open the large double windows on both sides of the facility to allow for fresh air exchange. Each Client will have their own set of equipment - no sharing. We've also removed any multi-use equipment.

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New York, New Jersey Personal Training

Safety Protocols For You And Our Team
Clients are asked to wait in their cars until their appointment time and are encouraged to bring their own mats and towels. Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the facility. At the end of your session, please leave equipment in designated areas to be cleaned and sanitized. Gloves and masks may be required, but don't worry, we've modified our workouts to allow you to exercise safely under these conditions. At the end of your session please exit the studio promptly so our staff has time to properly clean and sanitize prior to the next client session.

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New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Here's How You Can Get More Info
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