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Why is A Long Track History of Success Important To You?
Our lives have evolved so much since our teens and we've walked the path with you. As personal trainers we've harnessed the secrets from our own life experiences to help you live the healthiest, most vibrant life that you can live.

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What Experience Means For You

New York, New Jersey Personal Training

Experienced Personal Trainers For Over 30 Years
We've been helping busy people over the age of 35 lose weight, increase energy, get stronger and increase mobility - all without the risk of injury - for over 30 years.

Life gets in the way of your health? Yeah, we can help. Whether you're stuck in Board Meetings 8 hours a day, have no time to see your spouse or kids, experienced a major injury, or exercised on and off without staying consistent we can help you get through to the other side with BETTER HEALTH!

How Experience Brings Results

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

Get Pain Free and Fit Like Lori And Jason!

Lori "I’ve worked out on my own off and on for many years but was faced with constant neck pain and not seeing great results for my efforts. I decided to give Tony a try and I’m so glad I did. He recognized immediately what was causing my issue and has been working with me to strengthen my muscles so I can work out without pain... plus, His nutrition advice has been an eye opener for me and has definitely helped in reshaping my body."

Jason "Tony's the best! My clothes fit better and I feel better. He is mindful of past problems or injuries and he focuses on strengthening those areas to reduce risk of injury in future. He's smart, knowledgable, funny and personable. Can't say enough good things about him. Give him a call today!"

New York, New Jersey Personal Trainer and Nutrition Nutritionist

"His methods are simple... he truly cares" - Keren

I’ve tried various diets, workouts and gyms. No one had given me results the way Tony and Out Run Your Fork has. Being over 40 and a full time working mom of 3 young kids, finding time to workout and take care of myself has always been a challenge. Tony knows how to make every min of your workout count. He coaches you through it when you think you can’t and pushes you to do more when you don’t think you can.

His methods are simple... he truly cares. That is what sets him aside from other trainers and workout programs. He is so passionate about health and fitness and is happy to preach it when given the opportunity. Tony is exactly what you are looking for in a trainer. Look nowhere else. - Keren Segal

New York, New Jersey Personal Training

"You will be amazed at what you can do and how fast it happens"

Who loses 6 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years...this gal that’s who with the help of Tony and Ray at Out Run Your Fork! Tony knows how to jump start your metabolism and to adjust all the work outs to your specific needs. And you laugh while doing it! If that isn’t enough, the nutritional guidance is spectacular! You can still enjoy what you like to eat but the tips Tony and Ray give you help you fuel your body correctly. It helps making mindful eating a practice you can achieve. I heartily recommend Out Run Your Fork! Meet with Tony and you will see how your physical life can improve. You will be amazed at what you can do and how fast it happens - Rosanne Christie

New York, New Jersey Personal Training

"Experienced trainer with a deep knowledge of the body"

Tony, on top of being a stand up guy, is an experienced trainer with a deep knowledge of the body. He’s been able to get me back into the gym despite months of chronic back pain. He’s monitored me closely to ensure I don’t injure myself, and I leave every session more confident in myself. Can’t recommend Out Run Your Fork Personal Training enough!! - Adam Isreali

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At Out Run Your Fork we make fitness fun! Our Personal Training and Nutritional Programming are designed with YOU in mind. We cater to each individual and custom tailor every program to fit your specific needs. Whether it's overcoming an injury, lowering your cholesterol or looking for a kick-butt workout we’ve got you covered!

Fully Customized Nutrition Programming we use real science to identify the traits that cause you to gain weight. Your program is then designed according to your busy lifestyle, individual food preferences, and unique genetic profile. It's the perfect combination to help catapult you toward becoming the best you that you can be!

So give us a call to set up your free, no-obligation personal training session or apply above today. We guarantee you'll change the way you feel about working out!



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